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Orko Auto

Model Y Fog Light Accents/Eyebrow (Pair)

Model Y Fog Light Accents/Eyebrow (Pair)

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What's Included?

- 2 x Gloss Black Fog Light Accents

- Pre-applied double-sided, autobody grade adhesive

- Adhesion promoter


Step 1: Try to work in a warm area for best adhesion

Step 2: Clean the application area with alcohol or a degreaser

Step 3: Test fog light accent fitment

Step 4: Remove fog accents and set aside

Step 5: Open the adhesion promoter package and wipe the adhesion promoter onto application area

Step 5a: Let the adhesion promoter dry

Step 6: Peel adhesive strips on the back of the fog accents halfway

Step 7: Carefully apply the Orko fog light accent over the top of the OEM fog lights

Step 8: Apply pressure to the peeled adhesive areas

Step 9: Peel the remaining adhesive backing tape

Step 10: Apply firm pressure to the remaining adhesive areas

Step 11: Wipe newly installed fog light accents with a clean microfiber towel and neutral cleaning solution

Small part, big effect! Change up the front end of your Model Y with our fog light accents if you're looking to add a touch of aggressive and sporty styling to your vehicle. These apply with a double sided tape adhesive, and take less than 10 minutes to install. 

PRECISE FIT - Fits the 2021-2024 Tesla Model Y perfectly. Manufactured using high-quality thermoformed ABS.

QUALITY FINISH - 3 layers of UV protective high gloss/matte clear coat.

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