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ORKO GT1 Forged Aluminum Wheels (Set of 4)

ORKO GT1 Forged Aluminum Wheels (Set of 4)

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What's Included?

4 x Orko GT1 Forged Alumium Wheels


It is recommended to take your vehicle to a professional shop such as DRX Auto for installation.


ORKOā€™s Forged Monoblock GT1 wheels are CNC machined from 6061-T6 AluminumĀ to produce some of the strongest and light-weight wheels available. The GT1 provides a sporty and engaging driving experienceĀ with an aggressive, trackĀ focused aesthetic to back it up.

With the weight of the wheel being less than each of the OEM wheel variants, you can take advantage of not only a better appearance, but also increased range!

WhatĀ AreĀ Forged Wheels?

Forged monoblock (can also just be called ā€œforgedā€) wheels are the lightest and strongest wheels available, but require the most expensive manufacturing process. The wheel starts with one solid piece of high grade 6061 aluminum, which is heated to extremely high temperatures and repeatedly smashed until the metal reaches its strongest state. Then, a CNC machine is used to cut out the shape and design of the wheel. Approximately 80% of the original material is shaved away until a lightweight wheel with the highest load rating is produced.

Donā€™t Know What Size To Get?

Check out our wheel sizing guide to make the most informed decision!


  • šŸ“Ā PRECISE FITĀ -Ā Based on which Model Tesla you have, we will ensure you have the best OEM+ fitment with our wheel spec being flush with your fenders.
  • šŸ’ŽĀ QUALITY FINISHĀ - 5 layers of UV protective high gloss clear coat.
  • šŸ›”Ā INCLUDED WARRANTYĀ - Contact us for more informationĀ regarding our warranty.
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