2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland: Huge Improvement?

2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland: Huge Improvement?

Orko Auto has recently tried out the latest 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland and we want to share with you our opinion about it and tell you the difference between it and the older Tesla Model 3s. Our primary goal was to determine whether this new iteration represents a genuine update or merely a superficial facelift, and whether it's worth considering over the older model.


A Quiet Retreat

The first thing we noticed is that upon closing the Highland's door, you could notice the sound is a reassuring, solid thunk, indicative of Tesla's focus on sound deadening in the new model. In addition to the acoustic glass on the front half, the Highland now features acoustic glass on its rear windows as well.

When we test drove the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland, we felt a big difference in the noise reduction between the Highland and the older model, although on paper it doesn't seem like a huge improvement, we felt like it is one of the best things from this upgrade.


Interior Upgrade

The wood trim has been replaced by a mix of colors and textures on the dash topper, complemented by a new wraparound ambient lighting feature that offers full color adjustability. Door cards now utilize different materials, and the perforated front seats, now ventilated for cooling, provide added comfort, particularly in warmer climates. There are also ambient lights in the interior now.

The floating center screen remains a prominent feature, albeit with a slimmer bezel and improved brightness and responsiveness. Notably, the Highland introduces a stalkless steering wheel, with all turn signal, lighting, windshield wiper, and cruise control functions now controlled via steering wheel buttons with haptic feedback. The transmission selector has been relocated to the touchscreen, with PRND buttons on the ceiling as a backup.

The addition of a rear-facing screen allows passengers to adjust climate settings and even move the front passenger seat from the rear. The screen also facilitates video playback, with audio routed through the car's speakers or Bluetooth headphones.


Sleeker, Slimmer, Slipperier

Tesla focuses on reducing body panel gaps, enhancing body sealing, and improving aerodynamics. Nearly all the sheet metal on the Highland is new, apart from the rear fenders and doors.

The Highland has a big difference in exterior, by adding slimmer headlights, the removal of fog lights, and a single center cooling inlet replacing multiple inlets seen on the earlier model, we think this is the best looking Tesla Model 3 on the market. It looks more like a sports car and look more aggressive compared to before and we love it.

Compared to the split taillights and body-colored lower rear bumper on the old Model 3, the Highland features redesigned taillights integrated into the trunk lid and a more aggressively diffused rear bumper. Tesla claims this design reduces rear-end lift at high speeds. Additionally, the Highland introduces new 18-inch wheels with updated wheel cover designs and two new paint colors: Stealth Grey and Ultra Red.


Refinement Takes Center Stage

During our test drive, the Highland provides the low center of gravity, quick steering, and responsive acceleration, delivering an engaging driving experience. But, we think the improvements to ride comfort and cabin quietness is the main reason that enhances the overall driving experience.

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) have been longstanding concerns for the Model 3. While wind noise was prominent in the old model, particularly at higher speeds, the Highland significantly reduces wind noise, with approximately 20% improvement throughout the car.

The Highland also has a range of suspension enhancements, resulting in a noticeably refined ride quality and vibration reduction at the driver's seat. Despite retaining its firm ride, the Highland feels more purposefully tuned, especially in the rear. It also felt smoother compared to the previous models.



The improved cabin materials, enhanced sound deadening, and refined ride quality justify its status as a true evolution of the Model 3. We feel like Tesla has listened to the consumers and really did well with  the 2024 Highland Model 3. 

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