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Orko Auto

Model S, 3, X, Y Valve Stem Caps

Model S, 3, X, Y Valve Stem Caps

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What's Included?

- 4 x Orko T Logo Valve Stem Caps

- Orko Valve Stem Cap Wrench


Step 1: Unscrew factory valve stem caps by hand

Step 2: Screw on new valve stem cap by hand

Step 3: Complete by using included valve stem cap wrench and tighten firmly (Do not overtighten, hand tight is good.)

Even the smallest details matter!

Our Orko Model S,3,X,Y valve stem caps are made of aluminum alloy, and have anti-corrosion properties to prevent caps from seizing onto the metal valve stems. Each cap has an integrated O-ring to ensure an airtight seal.

Comes in a set of 4.

Includes a valve stem wrench for easier install and a better seal. 

Available in gloss black with a white T logo, or gloss black with a red T logo.


  • 📐 PRECISE FIT - Fits all Tesla models perfectly. 
  • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - Manufactured using a strong aluminum alloy.
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