Local Installations in the Greater Vancouver Area

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Do you live in the Greater Vancouver area? Are you excited to modify your car with our premium parts, but find yourself uncertain about the installation process? No problem! We're excited to inform you that our trusted affiliates at DRX Auto are available to seamlessly assist you!



  1. Place your order on our website and select the "Pick up" option at checkout.
  2. Simply submit a contact form here or email them directly at info@drxauto.com to inform them of your purchase and to get a quote. 
  3. After booking your appointment with them, we will provide them with your order, eliminating the need for you to pick it up beforehand!
  4. Drop off your vehicle with them on your scheduled appointment date and enjoy your newly modified vehicle!


This streamlined process ensures that you can conveniently schedule your installation appointment, providing you with a hassle-free experience as you enhance your vehicle's performance and aesthetics.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to making your automotive upgrades as convenient as possible, and we're proud to offer this collaborative service with our valued partners at DRX Auto!


*Book any DRX Auto services at the same time and get a discounted installation rate!

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