Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At ORKO Auto, the safety and well-being of our employees remain our highest priority. Amidst the ongoing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the emergence of the Omicron variant, our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is more critical than ever.

To safeguard our team, we've implemented several key measures, including the acquisition of Covid Rapid Test kits from These kits are essential in our efforts to ensure a safe workplace by facilitating quick and effective health monitoring of our team members.

In response to an uptick in operations and a corresponding increase in shipments, the necessity for skilled forklift operation has become increasingly evident. To meet this demand while upholding our commitment to safety, we've broadened our safety training programs to encompass a specialized Forklift Training course.

This initiative is designed to arm our workforce with the expertise required for safe and efficient forklift usage, critical for managing the heightened activity levels in our operations. We partnered with Alert First Aid to offer this training, enabling our employees to access courses conveniently located either in First Aid Training Vancouver or First Aid Training Burnaby, depending on their proximity. This approach ensured maximum participation by accommodating the logistical needs of our team, thereby optimizing the training's effectiveness.

The impact of integrating this training has been substantial. Not only has the forklift training significantly reduced the incidence of workplace accidents, but it has also propelled our operational efficiency forward, enabling us to safely manage the increased volume of shipments. Coupled with first aid training, our team is now more prepared than ever to face any challenges, reinforcing our dedication to fostering a safe and efficient work environment.

ORKO Auto is unwavering in our pledge to not only respond to health and safety challenges but to proactively mitigate them. By investing in the continuous safety and skill enhancement of our team, we underline our core belief in the importance of a well-prepared workforce. We are committed to exploring new avenues to elevate our safety standards, ensuring ORKO Auto remains a beacon of safety and productivity in the industry.

We are thankful for our team's resilience and adaptability, and for the partnerships that have enabled us to enhance our safety measures. Looking forward, we are confident in our ongoing efforts to maintain a secure, healthy, and efficient working environment for all our employees.

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