Real vs Fake Carbon Fiber: What really is the difference?

Real vs Fake Carbon Fiber: What really is the difference?

Carbon fiber has become a popular material in the automotive industry for its strength and lightweight properties, as well as its sleek and modern aesthetic. However, with the rise in demand for carbon fiber products, there has also been an increase in fake or counterfeit carbon fiber parts on the market. As a car enthusiast, it's important to know the difference between real and fake carbon fiber when considering aftermarket upgrades for your vehicle.

Real carbon fiber parts are made from thousands of carbon filaments that are woven together and then impregnated with resin before being baked at high temperatures. This process creates a strong and rigid structure that is incredibly lightweight. Carbon fiber parts also have a unique texture and appearance that cannot be replicated by other materials. Real Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Caps Rearview Side Mirror Covers  for Volkswagen VW Golf Mk7 7.5 R GTI TDI TSI : Automotive

Fake carbon fiber parts, on the other hand, are usually made from cheaper materials that are meant to mimic the look of real carbon fiber. Some common materials used in fake carbon fiber products include vinyl, ABS plastic, and fiberglass. These materials are much heavier than real carbon fiber and are not as durable.

Fake Carbon Fiber

When it comes to automotive applications, it's important to note that fake carbon fiber parts can actually be dangerous. This is because they are not as strong as real carbon fiber and can fail under stress, such as during high-speed driving or in the event of a crash.

So, when considering upgrading your car with carbon fiber parts, it's important to do your research and make sure you are investing in high-quality, real carbon fiber parts. This will not only ensure the safety of you and your passengers, but it will also provide long-lasting durability and a sleek, high-end look for your vehicle. 

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