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New Compact Tesla Model 2 Coming Soon

Tesla’s next-generation, low-cost vehicle is expected to arrive in 2025/2026.

“We're very far along on our next-generation low-cost vehicle,” Elon Musk said at the fourth quarter 2023 earnings conference call. “And this is really going to be profound, not just in the design of the vehicle itself, but in the design of the manufacturing system,” he said.

Estimated Price

The new Tesla is rumored to start at around $25,000 USD to compete with budget EV offerings from legacy automakers, such as the next-gen Chevy Bolt EV platform. Tesla has redesigned the production line to decrease cost and provide consumer a more budget alternative in the EV world.

Platform and Powertrain

The smaller Tesla model would initially feature a 53-kilowatt-hour battery pack utilizing Tesla's lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells. Meanwhile, the larger and heavier Tesla Model Y begins with a 75-kilowatt-hour battery pack, boasting an EPA-estimated range of 279 miles and accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 5.0 seconds. Its maximum potential range extends to 330 miles, with the fastest variants achieving 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds during testing.

When Will Production Start

In the Tesla’s 2023 Financial Results call, Musk said: “Our current schedule says that we will start production towards the end of 2025, some time in the second half." 

From what we saw with the Cybertruck, it was pushed back to 2023 instead of coming out in 2021, so we think 2025 might be too early for us to see the new model coming out. But we would likely to be able to see concepts and the overall design in 2025.



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