Introducing the Orko Cyber and Starlink Tail Lights! Which one is right for you?

Introducing the Orko Cyber and Starlink Tail Lights! Which one is right for you?

Here at Orko, we've introduced two of the most unique tail light options that completely modernize the exterior of the Model 3 and Model Y! 

Model 3 Cyber Tail Light vs Starlink Tail Light

Both our Cyber tail light and Starlink tail lights feature a full length LED strip that seamlessly integrates into your Tesla's design language. Both look amazing, are plug and play, and have sequential functions but which one is best for you?

First, we'll start off by comparing the two tail lights head to head:

Light output - Both the Cyber and Starlink have super bright LED's that provide great visibility in night and day!

Functionality - Both tail lights feature sequential braking lights and turn signals but the Cyber tail light has a slightly more cohesive/streamlined design because the tail lights replace the inner and outer lights as well allowing the light bar to integrate seamlessly. The Starlink bar on the other hand, follows the design language of the OEM lights but when using the turn signals, the bar does a sequential movement while the factory outer tail light does the typical blinking. While this still looks great, it isn't as seamless as the Cyber light.

Fit - The Cyber tail light is a full replacement unit, meaning the outer and inner lights are replaced along with adding the light bar. This light bar does bulge out a bit and is something where people like it or they don't. As for the Starlink light, it fits partially on top of your factory inner tail lights and the licence plate lights and trunk handle/rear view camera mount directly into the light bar. The Starlink unit is a much slimmer and lower profile (OEM +) looking light. 

Price - The Cyber tail light is currently on sale at $1050 CAD while the Starlink tail light is just under half the price and also currently on sale at $450 CAD. The price differences are justified by the much greater R&D + material cost for the Cyber tail light since it is a full replacement system. The Starlink is a much smaller piece, hence costing less.

So which one is for you???:

If you don't mind the abstract-ish design language on the Cyber tail light and have a little bit of a higher budget, the Cyber light is for you. It catches attention everywhere you go which ultimately is really what you want with your tail lights! Seamless integration throughout all of the lights result in a beautiful, modern, and unique product.

If you're looking to save a little bit more on the lights, or don't like the design of the Cyber lights, then the Starlink is for you. Price is a great bargain and still catches the attention of others in a more subtle way. 

Whichever you chose will be a win-win situation regardless!

If you're looking for a non-light bar tail light, we also offer the Eagle Eye, and Fishbone tail lights for Model 3 and Model Y's!

Made up your mind? Purchase the Cyber tail light here, or the Starlink tail light here!


Let us know your thoughts on the two lights in the comments!

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