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Model 3/Y Cyber Tail Light

Model 3/Y Cyber Tail Light

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What's Included?

- Outer tail lights x2

- Inner tail lights x2

- Light bar with pre-applied 3M tape

- Wiring harness x3

- Zip-ties + adhesion promoter


Check out the installation video here:

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y's rear aesthetic with our Cyber Tail Light – the ultimate showstopper. Your car's tail lights are the focal point of its rear end, visible day and night. These lights customize and modernize the rear end, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever you go.

Our exclusive Cyber Tail Light replaces the OEM tail lights, modernizing your Tesla's rear while enhancing braking visibility. Make your Model 3 or Model Y the center of attention on the road today.


  1. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Our tail lights are custom-designed and programmed to operate with the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, ensuring normal functionality. There are no error lights/codes when installed correctly.
  1. ENHANCED VISIBILITY: With increased light surface area with the built-in light bar, enhances your Tesla's appearance while improving road safety.
  1. SEQUENTIAL WELCOME SEQUENCE: Similar to modern Audi’s, a captivating sequential start-up or welcome sequence is activated when you enter or unlock your vehicle. Scroll through the product images and refer to the video to see the start up sequence & braking effect.
  1. SEQUENTIAL SIGNAL LIGHTS: When using your turn signals, the tail have a sequential animation, which brings lights in a sequence towards the direction you are signaling to. A small detail, but adds a touch of sophistication to the signaling process.

*Professional installation is recommended for those with limited automotive experience.

Local Installation: For those interested in installation assistance in the Greater Vancouver Area, select the local pickup option at checkout. You can then contact our installation affiliates at DRX Auto ( to get a quote and schedule an appointment to install. We will provide them with your order so no need to pick it up prior to your appointment!

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