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Front "T" Badge with Rear "TESLA" Lettering Badge Set

Front "T" Badge with Rear "TESLA" Lettering Badge Set

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What's Included?

- 1 x T Logo Badge, 1 x Rear Letters Badge set

- Pre-applied double-sided, autobody grade adhesive


Step 1: Using masking tape, mask around the original front badge to create a guide for the new badge

Step 2: Using fishing line remove original badges from the front and rear

Step 2a: Remove left over adhesive with method of choice (recommend using an eraser wheel on a drill)

Step 3: Clean area thoroughly using isopropyl alcohol

Step 4: Using the tape template made earlier, peel the adhesive backing from the badge and carefully place onto the front of the vehicle

Step 5: Repeat for the same removal process for the rear and measure out the center of the trunk and align the included letter foam template to be in the center. Carefully stick the letters into their corresponding slots in the foam template.

Step 6: Remove the foam template and enjoy your new badges!

Black replacement badges are one of the best places to start when upgrading the aesthetic of your Model 3 or Model Y. 
Included are 1 "T" logo replacement badge and 1 set of the Highland style "TESLA" Lettering badges, available in gloss or matte.
Unlike the logo caps, which give the badge an oversized, thicker look - these replacement badges will have the same, slim profile as the original Tesla badges, and will not shrink or close the gap between the T and it's hooded top piece.
  • Made with a durable ABS Plastic
  • Matte black will match the trim on MOY and 2021+ MO3
  • Gloss will stand out nicely and provide a deep, black finish
  • Great to purchase before installing wrap/PPF on your Tesla
Guaranteed fitment on all years of production for Model 3 and Model Y.


  • 📐 PRECISE FIT - Fits all years of production for Tesla Model 3 and Y.
  • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - Manufactured using ABS material substrate
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