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Model 3 Air Intake Vent Filter

Model 3 Air Intake Vent Filter

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What's Included?

1 x Air Intake Vent Filter


Step 1: Pull off frunk panel cover located directly in front of the windshield

Step 2: Simply drop in the new filter and ensure it is secure

Step 3: Reinstall frunk cover panel

The Air Intake Vent Filter is a must-have for your Model 3. This protects the vehicle's air vent from large and small debris, which can clog the air intake vent.

EASY INSTALLATION: No tools required - quick and easy drop-in application

PREVENTS BAD ODORS: Debris that falls into the intake vent will typically accumulate moisture from the A/C's condensation. This results in mould, and creates a bad smell that comes from the Model 3's climate vents.

AMPLE AIRFLOW: High quality filters are used to ensure a the highest ventilation rate possible.

For best results - change this filter every year or within 15,000km of driving.


PRECISE FIT:  Fits the 2017-2023 Tesla Model 3/Y perfectly. (Be sure to select the right model year! If you are unsure feel free to reach out.)

QUALITY FINISH: Manufactured using high-quality ABS for a durable product and molded fit.

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