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Model 3 Sport Front Lip/Splitter (3pc) - Gloss/Matte Black

Model 3 Sport Front Lip/Splitter (3pc) - Gloss/Matte Black

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What's Included?

- 3 piece thermoformed ABS splitter

- Double-sided, autobody grade adhesive

- Phillips screws + washers

- Adhesion promoter


Step 1: Lay out pieces onto a soft surface upside down

Step 2: Insert corresponding pieces together

Step 3: Working on one side at a time, have a friend hold both pieces together so that there's no gap in between the panels

Step 4: While the extension is being held, screw the pieces together using the provided smaller silver screws

Step 5: Repeat with the other side of the lip

Step 6: Flip the assembly over and wipe down the adhesive application areas with isopropyl alcohol or any degreaser

Step 7: Apply provided adhesion promoter to contact areas>

Step 8: Apply provided double sided tape to the contact surfaces (cut to size)

Step 9: Test fit lip onto vehicle

Step 10: For easier installation, jack up the vehicle to allow for more room

Step 11: Peel back the adhesive backing halfway

Step 12: Raise the lip to the vehicle, apply pressure to the exposed double sided tape

Step 13: Peel back the rest of the tape and apply pressure

Step 14: Using the provided pre-drilled holes, screw in the rest of the hardware with washers applied (black screws)

Step 15: Repeat with the other side

Step 16: Wipe down newly installed parts with a quick detail solution or wash the vehicle

Change that boring rounded-off front bumper and give your Model 3 the sportier front end that it needs! Manufactured using durable and flexible ABS, the Model 3 3pc sport front lip is easy to install, fits like a glove and will withstand the test of time when treated right.


    • 🔨 DURABLE + PRECISE FIT - Fits the 2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 perfectly. Manufactured using high-quality thermoformed ABS plastic.
    • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - 3 layers of UV protective matte clear coat.
    • 🛡 INCLUDED WARRANTY - 1 year warranty. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our warranty.
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