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Tesla Model 3/Y V3.0 Dual Axis Screen Tilt/Swivel Mount

Tesla Model 3/Y V3.0 Dual Axis Screen Tilt/Swivel Mount

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What's Included?

Dual Axis Screen Mount Kit


Check out the installation video here:

Greatly increase your Tesla's functionality with the Dual Axis Screen Tilt Swivel Mount! 
Whether you're driving solo and want easier screen use, or you have passengers that want better viewing access - this swivel mount has the flexibility you need.

This is the best version of the screen tilt mount on the market, and the Version 3 brings upgraded features and longer lasting materials.
HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL MOVEMENT: Providing 40 degree movement vertically and 40 degrees horizontally, our mount optimizes driver or passenger viewing angles. 

DIY FRIENDLY INSTALLATION: The screen rotating bracket can be installed in roughly 1-1.5 hours, the installation will not damage the vehicle (fully reversible if needed). Basic tools are required, a tool does come included with the kit if needed.

NO SAGGING: The Orko swivel mount withstands the test of time and doesn't sag like other products on the market.
NO RATTLING: The new V3.0 screen swivel mount does not make any squeaking noise like it's former version. It is guaranteed to be silent while driving.

NEW V3 FEATURES: Stronger hinge, no interference with internal temperature sensor, and  greater range of adjustability!
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