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Orko Auto

Model 3/Y Dual Motor Badge - Gloss/Matte Black

Model 3/Y Dual Motor Badge - Gloss/Matte Black

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What's Included?

- 1 x Dual Motor Badge

- Pre-applied double-sided, autobody grade adhesive

- Pre-applied template


Step 1: Try to work in a warm area for best adhesion

Step 2: Clean the application area with alcohol or a degreaser

Step 3: Using the provided template, line up and peel adhesive backing

Step 4: Carefully stick on badge and apply firm pressure to activate adhesive. Enjoy!

Chrome is outdated! Change your factory chrome badges to a black dual motor badge for a more modern look.

Made with high quality materials, our Orko dual motor badges are designed to look OEM+ in terms of size and finish.
  • Same material as Tesla OEM badges (ABS Plastic)
  • Matte black will match the trim on MOY and 2021+ MO3
  • Gloss black will stand out nicely and provide a deep, black finish
  • Great to purchase before installing wrap/PPF on your Tesla


  • 📐 PRECISE FIT - Fits all years of Tesla Model 3/Y. 
  • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - Manufactured using high quality materials
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