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BC HOV "OK Sticker" License Plate Frame

BC HOV "OK Sticker" License Plate Frame

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What's Included?

- EVOK outer frame

- EVOK base plate

- Phillips screws x4


Step 1: Unscrew rear plate using a Phillips screwdriver

Step 2: Using the OEM screws that were removed, screw on the EVOK base plate

Step 3: Install EV OK decal onto side panel

Step 4: Place rear plate onto EVOK base plate

Step 5: Put EVOK outer trim over rear plate and use 4x provided Phillips screws to secure assembly

Attach your EV HOV OK decal to the EVOK license plate frame to avoid sticking it directly on your paint/wrap. This plate frame perfectly centers your license plate and sticker to fit nicely without being an eye sore. Sticking an OK decal directly on your paint or wrap can take decades to remove down the road, or even cause damage to the surface beneath. 

Perfect for all EVs in British Columbia!

COMPATIBILITY: Fits all Tesla Model 3/Y perfectly. 

EASY INSTALLATION: The installation takes less than 10 minutes! Unscrew your old plate frame and replace the old one with the new EVOK license plate frame and you are set!

CONVENIENT: You can now fit your EV HOV OK decal on the EVOK license plate frame instead of putting it on the car and risking losing it. It will also make the car look cleaner in general.

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