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Model Y ABS Performance Spoiler - Gloss/Matte Black

Model Y ABS Performance Spoiler - Gloss/Matte Black

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What's Included?

- Orko Performance trunk spoiler

- Double-sided, autobody grade adhesive

- Adhesion promoter


Step 1: Try to work in a warm area for best adhesion

Step 2: Clean the trunk installation area thoroughly with alcohol and a clean microfiber towel

Step 2a: If there is any ceramic coating or wax applied to the vehicle, be sure to polish the coating off prior to installation for proper adhesion

Step 3: Test fit spoiler

Step 3a: If you have a second set of hands, have one person hold the spoiler to the vehicle while the other person measures the distance from the corner of the spoiler to the side edge of the trunk and applies tape to the corner areas as a template

Step 3b: Solo install: Tape the middle of the spoiler to the vehicle to avoid it from moving

Step 3c: Measure the distance from the corner of the spoiler to the side edge of the trunk ensuring that the distance is even on both sides

Step 3d: Apply tape onto the car around the corners of the spoiler to create a template of the correct position>

Step 4: Remove the spoiler from the vehicle leaving behind the tape on the trunk

Step 5: Open adhesion promoter wipes and apply to the application area on trunk. Let the adhesion promoter dry completely

Step 5a: Wait about 5 minutes

Step 6: Peel tape at the corner on both strips of tape

Step 7: Line up the spoiler within the tape template and apply with firm pressure on the middle of the spoiler, pushing firmly forward for the bottom edge and downwards for the top edge

Step 8: While maintaining pressure on the spoiler, pull the lifted tape backing from the corner

Step 8a: Pull carefully and parallel to the spoiler

Step 8b: While pulling the backing tape, apply pressure to the newly exposed adhesive

Step 9: Remove the tape template from vehicle

Step 10: Post-heat the adhesive and spoiler using a heat gun or hair dryer

Step 11: Reapply pressure to heated areas

Step 12: Wipe off fingerprints from spoiler and enjoy!

Enhance your Tesla Model Y with our stylish and aerodynamic Model Y ABS spoiler. Meticulously crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this spoiler seamlessly blends form and function, creating a head-turning aesthetic while optimizing performance. Experience improved stability, enhanced cornering capabilities, and a thrilling driving experience, all with the ease of a hassle-free installation. Elevate your electric ride and make a bold statement on the road with our premium spoiler designed exclusively for your Tesla Model Y.

Available in gloss or matte black.


    • 📐 PRECISE FIT - Fits the 2019-2024 Tesla Model Y perfectly. Manufactured using high-quality thermoformed ABS.
    • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - 3 layers of UV protective clear coat.
    • 🛡 INCLUDED WARRANTY - 1 year warranty. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our warranty.
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