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Model Y Rear Bumper Diffuser - Gloss Black

Model Y Rear Bumper Diffuser - Gloss Black

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What's Included?


Enhance the aesthetics of your Model Y with this gloss black rear diffuser, which replaces that cheap-looking textured plastic! This is a consumer favorite for diffusers, which guarantees precise fitment and is manufactured using thermoformed ABS for a direct fit on all MOY years (2020-2024).

GREAT FITMENT: Those who have ordered defective aftermarket diffusers in the past know that many diffusers often have large caps that require cutting and shaving. This diffuser has a precise, laser-cut fitment that has a tight fit with uniform gaps where it the diffuser meets the body.
TOW HITCH COMPATIBLE: Includes a tow hitch cut-out for drivers that have aftermarket tow hitch attachments.

NO DAMAGE INSTALLATION: Installation requires replacing the original plastic diffuser, this one uses existing holes and clips into place. It also has a slot to re-use the original reflector. This diffuser can be DIY'd, but we recommend a body shop fits this diffuser for best results.

IMPROVED AERODYNAMICS: While most clients primarily install diffusers for aesthetics, this part is also functional. A diffuser decreases drag and increases downforce, which increases stability at high speeds.
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