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Model Y Mud Flaps

Model Y Mud Flaps

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What's Included?

- 4x Mudflaps, 2 fronts and 2 rear

- Tool-less hardware: plastic clips x6

- Installation instructions


Step 1: Turn wheel to one side completely to allow for more working room

Step 2: Clean vehicle and wheel wells

Step 3: Remove OEM lower fender liner clips (2 front per side, 1 rear per side)

Step 4: Remove OEM 10mm bolt underneath bumper (Rear only)

Step 5: Clip on corresponding mudflap

Step 6: Reposition mudflap to line up pre-existing holes

Step 7: Completely insert provided outer clip into pre-existing hole>

Step 8: Completely insert center clip into outer clip hole

Step 9: Repeat for other pre-drilled holes

Step 10: Reinstall OEM 10mm bolt through the mudflap and into pre-existing bumper hole (Rear only)

Step 11: Clean off newly installed mudflap

Step 12: Enjoy!

Mud flaps are an essential Model Y product, and should be one of the first purchases for your Tesla.

These mud flaps provide durable protection against rocks, mud, snow, salt and debris, and keep the lower areas of your car cleaner for longer. 

They're specifically designed for the Model Y, and made from a rugged ABS thermoplastic.

Aesthetically, the finish matches the factory rear diffuser, rocker panels, and wheel arches for an OEM+ look. These look much nicer than the 2 front mudflaps that come from the factory on 2023+ Model Y's, and include a full set of 4 for a continuous look.


  • 💎 DURABLE QUALITY MATERIAL + PRECISE FIT - Fits the 2020-2024 Tesla Model Y perfectly. Manufactured using durable ABS thermoplastic.
  • 🔨 SECURE ATTACHMENT - Multiple secure fastening clips included to avoid our mud flaps from coming off. No drilling required. Reversible if you choose to remove!
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