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Model Y Sport Side Skirt Extensions - Gloss/Matte Black

Model Y Sport Side Skirt Extensions - Gloss/Matte Black

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What's Included?

- 4 pieces x side skirt extensions

- Double-sided, autobody grade adhesive

- Phillips screws + washers

- Adhesion promoter


Step 1: Lay out pieces onto a soft surface upside down

Step 2: Insert corresponding pieces together

Step 3: Working on one side at a time, have a friend hold both pieces together so that there's no gap in between the panels

Step 4: While the extension is being held, screw the pieces together using the provided smaller silver screws

Step 5: Repeat with the other side of the lip

Step 6: Flip the assembly over and wipe down the adhesive application areas with isopropyl alcohol or any degreaser

Step 7: Apply provided adhesion promoter to contact areas>

Step 8: Apply provided double sided tape to the contact surfaces (cut to size)

Step 9: Test fit lip onto vehicle

Step 10: For easier installation, jack up the vehicle to allow for more room

Step 11: Peel back the adhesive backing halfway

Step 12: Raise the extension to the vehicle, apply pressure to the exposed double sided tape

Step 13: Peel back the rest of the tape and apply pressure

Step 14: Using the provided pre-drilled holes, screw in the rest of the hardware with washers applied (black screws)

Step 15: Repeat with the other side

Step 16: Wipe down newly installed parts with a quick detail solution or wash the vehicle

Level up your Tesla Model Y with our sport side skirt extensions and take its style to the next level. Crafted from high-quality Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), these sleek upgrades add a splash of style and improves aerodynamics. Easy to install and designed specifically for your Model Y, our FRP side skirts will make heads turn as you hit the road. Embrace the sporty vibe and improve your Tesla's aesthetics.

Available in a gloss or matte black finish.


  • 🔨 DURABLE + PRECISE FIT - Fits the 2020-2024 Tesla Model Y perfectly. Manufactured using high-quality/durable FRP.
  • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - 3 layers of UV protective high gloss clear coat.
  • 🛡 INCLUDED WARRANTY - 1 year warranty. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our warranty.
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