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Model S, 3, X, Y T-Logo Center Cap Set

Model S, 3, X, Y T-Logo Center Cap Set

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What's Included?

4 x Silver T center caps


Step 1: Remove OEM aero-covers if necessary by pulling firmly and quickly away from the wheel

Step 1a: Try to grab as close to the center cap as possible

Step 2: Store OEM aero-covers as they will no longer be necessary (we also sell aero-cover storage bags!)

Step 3: If wheels already had no aero-covers and had different center caps installed then proceed with the following:

Step 3a: Carefully jack up the vehicle on each corner and put the vehicle on jack stands

Step 3b: Remove wheels using an impact driver or break wheels loose before lifting the vehicle

Step 3c: Once the wheels are removed, pop out the old center cap from the back of the wheel using the back of a screwdriver or a hammer with a light to medium tap>

Step 3d: Align and tap in the new center cap (You can use just your hand or if using a blunt object, be sure to have a microfiber towel or a buffer in between contact areas)

Step 4: If wheels had original aero-covers on proceed with the following:

Step 4a: Align and tap in the new center cap

Step 4b: Careful not the scratch the new center cap

Step 4c: Can be avoided by putting a folded microfiber towel on the face of the center cap before tapping in

Removed your aero covers for better aesthetics? You may be looking for some center caps to cover the axle nut on the OEM wheels and we have the solution.

Our OEM-style center caps sport the OEM Tesla "T-Logo" to complete the look.

Made with high quality materials, the form and fit is second to none. Extremely easy to install yielding instant results.


  • 🔨 DURABLE + PRECISE FIT - Fits the 2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 perfectly. Manufactured using high-quality & durable ABS.
  • 💎 QUALITY FINISH - Metallic paint that gives a close match to your cover-less aero wheels
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