Top 5 Exterior Modification for Your Model Y

Top 5 Exterior Modification for Your Model Y

If you own an Model Y and been wanting to modify it, but unsure where to start from? You are at the right place! In this article we will give you 5 parts that we think fits the best on Model Y and hopefully you could use this as a reference.

1: Spoiler

When we think of sports car, the first thing that comes to mind would usually be a nice looking spoiler. Orko offers several variations of spoilers for you to choose from, ranging from ABS spoilers, to our premium carbon fiber spoilers lineup. Not only will adding a spoiler make your Model Y look more sporty, it also helps increase a vehicle's aerodynamics and reduce overall drag, which may lead to increase in range. It is also relatively easy to install compared to the other exterior parts that we will mention later, and it also won't cost you a fortune while giving you a huge visual upgrade.  

2: Front Lip

Front lip is another exterior enhancement that we believe is great for any car, we have sold hundreds of sets of front lips for Model Y and all of our customers are very happy about this upgrade. Orko's Model Y Front Lip is a three piece front lip and it is not as hard to install as the one piece front lips on the market. With this tiny upgrade, your Model Y would look more aggressive and sporty compared to the stock Model Y. It is harder to install so we recommend you finding a shop to install the front lip for you, but if you are handy and enjoy modding your own Tesla, feel free to install it yourself!

3: Wheels

Wheels are the most common part that car owners will modify when they got their new ride. For Tesla it is a slightly different story as Tesla owners need to consider whether it would affect the car's range. Fortunately, Orko has developed their own lineup of Aluminum Forged Wheels which is extremely durable, lightweight and stylish. All three wheels (SV1, CB1, GT1) are Orko's own design and we have spent countless hours to develop and refine them. Not only the wheels won't affect the range of your Tesla, they also are a huge upgrade in terms of aesthetic and could transform your Model Y to a show car. Our wheels come in different colors and you have more choice to match you Model Y as well.

4: Rear Bumper Diffuser

If you already have a spoiler for your Model Y but you don't think that is enough, consider adding a rear bumper diffuser for your Tesla! The stock Model Y has a huge piece of black plastic at the rear bumper area and it makes it looks less sporty and maybe a little dull. To solve this issue, we recommend you looking into our rear bumper diffuser and transform your Model Y even further! By adding the read diffuser, it complements with the spoiler and decrease pressure underneath the rear of the car and creating increased downforce which also helps with the range. We recommend you finding a shop to install it for you as well due to the size of the diffuser.

5: Side Skirt Extension

At the fifth spot, we recommend adding the side skirt extension to complete the sport Model Y look. If you already have parts on the front and rear of your Tesla, it is now the time to refine it on the side. Adding a side skirt extension would help connect your front lip and make your Model Y look more streamlined and united. Orko's side skirt extension is perfect for this need and it matches our other body parts perfectly. 


These are the top five exterior accessories we recommend Model Y owners to look into. We hope that this is a good reference for you to start with modifying your own Model Y. But remember, make sure you buy parts that you love, don't mod your car based on other people's opinion and enjoy the modding process!

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